Scrubbing Bubbles® Daily Shower Cleaner

Scrubbing Bubbles® Daily Shower Cleaner

Prevent tough shower build-up with a regular spray after showering.

Keep your shower cleaner longer between deep scrub-downs with Scrubbing Bubbles® Daily Shower Cleaner. Its continuous cleaning powers prevent the build-up of soap scum, lime scale and grime so you can go longer between full-on cleanings. There’s no rinsing, wiping or scrubbing needed, either. Just spray and walk away after using the shower.


The benefits of Scrubbing Bubbles® Daily Shower Cleaner:

  • Prevents the build-up of lime scale, soap scum and grime
  • Wide spray nozzle covers more surface area
  • Easy to use—no scrubbing needed



  1. Start with a clean shower.
  2. Immediately after showering, spray a light mist over the interior wet surfaces including shower curtain or door.
  3. Spray 15 inches away from surface.
  4. Do not rinse or wipe off.
  5. Run the water before re-entering shower, to rinse the shower walls and floor.
  6. Always stand on a non-slip surface when in the shower or bath.

Where to Use it

This product works great on:

  • Shower doors
  • Shower walls
  • Tubs
  • Vinyl shower curtains